Presented by Luckiest Productions and Hayes Theatre Co

Starring Erin Clare, Andrew Coshan, Georgina Hopson, Evan Lever, Ava Madon, Vidya Makan, Elise McCann, Ainsley Melham, Tiarne Sue Yek, Aaron Tsindos

Director Dean Bryant
Choreographer Andrew Hallsworth
Musical Director Andrew Worboys
Set Designer Jeremy Allen
Costume Designer Melanie Liertz
Lighting Designer Veronique Bennett
Video & Sound Designer Dave Bergman
Directorial Assistant Manali Datar
Stage Manager Daniel Cottier
Assistant Stage Manager Emma Squires

Hotter than Hamilton, cooler than Come From AwayMerrily We Roll Along is the just the ticket to verily roll away those lock-down blues.

Musical direction by Andrew Worboys has the compact simplicity of five musicians who emulate the big Broadway band sound while balancing the intimacy of a tight jazz quintet, at a volume that enhances rather than upstages the actors.

Musical direction for the production is brilliantly harnessed by Andrew Worboys, who knows exactly how to make everything shine and sparkle, for a welcome return to communal entertainment after many months of sustained isolation. In the many instances when one becomes painfully aware of the unbearable flimsiness of the characters in “Merrily We Roll Along”, there is always Worboys’ omnipotent work to return to, for something to properly sink our teeth into.